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Thinka Creative Ltd. (Founded in 2011 spring)

Retail Store Type: Designer Home Goods Store

  1. Recommended store space: more than 2000 SF2
  2. Recommended location: shopping mall; shopping street; locations with high traffic
  3. The amount of investment of a store with 2000 SF2 space is approximately 250,000 CAD.
  4. The gross annual revenue of a store will be approximately 800,000 - 4,000,000 CAD.
  5. Minus all costs, the annual net income will be approximately 200,000 - 1,000,000 CAD.
  6. The franchisor will provide decoration service for the store startup and the franchisees are responsible to pay for the decoration fee.
  7. The franchisor will provide services of staff training and staff management to the franchisees.

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